Lake Tahoe

This has been a summer of travel for sure. Here are some pictures from my family's trip to Lake Tahoe. 


We Cry

I don't know what I should be saying.
But I've been silent for too long.

Nine people dead because they went to a church prayer meeting,
to pray for revival,
to pray for hope and justice.
They welcomed in the stranger
only to have to hide under pews
pretending to be dead
just to stay alive.

I don't know what I should be saying.
Black men and women unable to feel safe
in the streets,
in their backyards,
in their churches.
You are the God of refuge, our fortress
but right now feels like open war.

I don't know what I should be saying.
Black vs. white.
Terrorist vs. mentally unstable.
A country divided against each other,
damaging each other
while blaming the foreigner.

I don't know what I should be saying.
what if I say the wrong thing?
My white hands cover my mouth
to prevent anything hurtful from slipping out.
But my silence speaks louder.

I don't know what I should be saying.
My lips want to cry to the Lord for justice and mercy
but no sound comes out my mouth
It is dry and weak,
afraid the Lord cannot hear

Jesus we cry for justice!
We plead for peace.
We weep for those lost.
Jesus do you hear us?

Do you hear the cries of our hearts?
Do you hear the pleading for safety from violence?
From murder and terror?

God save us! Bring us into your arms
Bring us into refuge and safety.
We are angry, bitter, lost, and hopeless.

My friends I stand with you.
I weep with you.
I grieve with you.
Even if I don't know what I should be saying.
I say this is unfair.
I say this unjust.
I say Lord we need you.

Lord, you are the God who saves us; 
Day and night we cry out to you. 
May our prayer come before you; 
turn your ear to our cry. 


13.1 Club

I've joined the 13.1 Club!

Yes, I recently ran a half marathon. Some days I still can't believe I did it. I decided to do it a bit on a whim, not really sure what I was getting myself into. I really enjoy running but I don't do it as frequently unless I'm training for something. So in December I signed up for the TinkerBell Half Marathon.

And I'm so proud to say that I finished! It was slow and my knee was in a lot of pain starting around mile 10 but I finished it! I ran it with Team AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention), in honor of my friend Rachelle.

my gear

before the race started 

lining up

at mile 6

almost to the finish line

Sarah, Jenel, and Jonathan came to support me

my medal

posing with TinkerBell herself. 

I love the experience and I would probably run a half marathon again but not for a while. But I've definitely been bit by the running bug so in December my best friend Sol and I are running in the Disney Star Wars 10k in December. We are both running with Team AFSP. 

Stay tuned for more info about this next running adventures (I'm so glad it's only 6.2 miles instead of 13.1). I will be doing fundraising for this one too and all donations go to support research and resources for those struggling with depression.