The Favorites Competition

I was walking by a group of my students from different periods when one student flags me down...

"Ms M. did you grade my poetry book yet?" - Student One 
"Yes I did, it was very well done." - Me
"It was the best wasn't it." - Student One
"She probably hasn't read mine yet though." - Student Two. 
"Ms. M, I'm your favorite student right?" - Student One
"Of my many favorites, you three are among them." - Me
"Yes but you can only have one ABSOLUTE favorite, and clearly that's me!" - Student Three


Canada and Geometry

May was not the month for blogging since I've only had one post all month. But since only three people probably read this, it doesn't really matter. Man - I've fallen victim for making my readers pity me... whatever.

Anyway, all month my eighth graders have created poetry books and I decided to join them. So I thought I would give you some of my poems that I have created. See the next few posts for them. But I wanted to include this conversation I had with one of my students yesterday.

"Ms. M, you know I just learned in math class that there were seven continents in the world."
"You what? How many did you think there were?"
"Like three..."

this disbelief continued until we got onto the subject of Canada and the student exclaims:

"Wait, Canada's not another state?"
"Well how many states did you think there were?"
"50... I just thought Canada was one of them."
"Canada is bigger than the whole U.S. What did you think Alaska was?"
"What's Alaska?"
"And you want to be a history teacher?! You need to learn your geography."
"But I'm not good at math."
"Did you think I meant geometry?" Students nods her head. "Oh dear, we have a problem."


Graduation: Claire

Claire and I have been friends for about 4 years now. I discipled her, was her area coordinator, and friend. I got the wonderful privilege to take her graduation photos. These are some of the best...