Dear Blank...

Dear PACT, 
Challenge Conquered.
From, Passed!

Dear Frank and Judith,
I'm sorry we never got to officially say goodbye. Those of us in the Elderberry Lodge will miss you forever. But if we should ever return to that campus near the sea, will you please let us ride you? Aren't that what buffalo are for? I know it would strengthen our bond between man and beast.
With love and fond affection,
The Spring Break Inhabitants of the Elderberry Lodge.

Dear Noah, 
We could have sworn you said the boat was leaving at 5. 
- The Unicorns.


Love Poem to PACT

A love Haiku in honor of PACT: 

Twitching eye started 
Chinese food in library
PACT how I love you 


Poetry: The Photographer

The Photographer

Click, a flash. One more memory preserved.
One more picture to look back at when life
Seems to pass by. A true art to capture
The human experience. Joy. Hate. Fear.
The love of a mother. The innocence
Of a child a small child. The mysteries of life.

There is a strange empty feeling. Somehow,
Lost in the art. A part of my soul, gone.
The passion that once fueled the mind of a
Rebel, now withering away like flowers
In winter, covered in snow, awaiting
Their demise. A part of my soul, only,
To be found in one more faded picture.
Perhaps my memories are unfulfilled.



I have decided to go back and edit some of my photos throughout the ages... 

Kristen and Eric: Wedding Photography

Jimmy and Kari: Wedding Photography

Tree and Andrew: Engagement Photography 

Lyn and Nolan: Wedding Photography

West End Coffee Shop

David: Shuffle 



The Adventures of KP and Monte Part 2

I think it's time for more pictures... picking up where our adventures left off the last time... 

... we got into a fight. It didn't last long.

See, we made up. 

And then there was a "Park" sign. Our attention was diverted.

But then we found leaves and tried to hide behind them. That turned into the realization that they would make great disguises.

You probably didn't even realize it was us. Our disguises are just too good. But we've got to go to the wedding...

There was a sign that had a direction for playing and praying. It was just too good to be true.

And it was a happy ending to a great adventure...

... until I broke Orchy. KP forgave me though. I think.


Lessons I Learned from My Students

For one of my classes my teacher had us think about how what lessons our students have taught us. These were the three that I came up with.

1. My students have taught me how to listen to those that don’t speak. When my students are quiet, they still have words to say and are so much harder to hear than those who shout. I have to listen closely to see what those typically quiet students are saying to me through how they sit or when they look up at the board.

2. My students have taught me how to communicate better. I learned from my students how important it is to let them know why they are doing something. When they understand their purpose, they engage so much more. I also learned from them how important it is to be clear and say what I mean the first time. Students don’t respond well when they don’t understand what you are trying to say. Their life is often full of confusion and muddiness and I can be one of the few people in their life who speaks clarity.

3. My students have taught me that performance doesn’t mean worth. While this seems like something you teach students, my students that don’t put in a lot of effort continue to challenge me in seeing them as worthy students, who have value inside and outside the classroom. Even when they don’t turn in assignments or do poorly on them, this does not make them bad people. I know this deep down but it is still a challenge to see students as worthy even when they are “failing” a class.


Student Teaching Reflections: Part 3

It's been a while since I've posted a reflection about student teaching and a lot has happened since my last few reflections. Here is what I have been thinking about while I'm student teaching. I hope to look back at these some day and see how far I have come from my initial fears and frustrations. I doubt many of them will change but how I see them may be different.

I have been realizing how strongly I take things personally. When a student doesn't turn in work, has a poor attitude, acts out, or even is just plain disrespectful - I take it as a personal attack on me. It's as if I believe that their behavior is directed towards me and I am the root cause of their misbehavior. I'm not sure if this goes away as a experience enters but I am not sure, for me at least, it will ever leave. I have been like this since I was a bible study leader - I would somewhat take it personally when my study members wouldn't come to study. This can be really hard on a leader/teacher but there are some positive side affects. To get here - I have to put in a lot of energy caring for my students. Because what this means is that I care very much how my students see me, see the class, and see each other. If I didn't care so much then I wouldn't take it so personally when they don't show up.

I'm not sure I fully want these feelings to go away. If they do, I may mean that I'm beginning to become apathetic towards my students' performance and attitudes. But I also don't want to care so much that I become overworked and overwhelmed here. There has got to be a balance instead of swinging from one end of the pendulum to the other. I don't like being on extremes - but then again I guess that is a lot of who I am - I'm not really a middle of the road kind of person. I guess it is something to figure out as I go.


The Flu

I have learned several things from the flu. Be prepared for some honesty and perhaps grossness. If you have a weak stomach - do not read below.

I can never eat soup again. It looks too much like vomit to me.
Cleaning up vomit is much better than actual vomiting.
The shivers is the worst kind of cold you can be. Because even when you are warm, you are sweating, and when you try to take your blanket off, you freeze again.
Throwing up makes your stomach hate you for the whole next day and your mind convinced you are going to do it every hour (which is a lie in many cases).
Sleeping in is amazing. I wish it could happen every day.
Kids carry germs. Sanitize and take vitamins religiously.
Common cold better than having the flu. Much better.