Something happens as October rolls in, as the weather cools down, and pumpkins are everywhere and in everything (muffins, lattes, ice cream, pancakes, etc.).

As the night gets longer and the days get shorter, a small winter depression hits in. I think it has to do with the busy season of August and September - where the heat rises and we are running around doing well more than we should. By the time we've reached October, and our lives tend to slow down because it gets darker so much earlier, I think we tend to realize how tired we all really are. Lately I've felt a constant stream of exhaustion. It will be good for some rest. Probably the reason I haven't been blogging so much this month.

I look forward to November and mostly December where Christmas spirit is almost forced upon you with twinkly lights and candy canes. Lights are pretty. ;)

And November comes in two days - where I am very excited to return to 30 days of Thankfulness. I did it last year and it was amazing!


What Does the Fox Say?

So this has been the question of October - what does the fox say? I leave it to you to figure out but I warn you this song gets stuck in my head too easily and you just may suffer the same fate.

Ylvis - a new sensation hitting American youtube channels. I'm a personal fan of What's the Meaning of Stonehedge.




Crisp cool air.
Crackling brown leaves
raked together
in mounds and heaves.

From green to yellow
to red to brown,
the colors change
in the world around.

The moon rises
sooner each night. 
And stars gleam,
shining bright.

In the garage
the jackets wait
to be clothed
on evening dates.


Long Time

Just breathe...
Exhale and take in the air and let it out
Breathe out the stress, the frustration, the annoyance, the worry.
Breathe out the sleepless nights, the long to-do lists, the never ending stream of meetings and meet ups
Breathe out the work, the fears, the traveling, the miles, the events, the invitations.

Clearly it's been a while since I've been with my own thoughts. Even when I'm by myself, I'm not moving slow. I'm running in place.

Perhaps I'm running on empty.

Just breathe.