Epic Frog

Need I say more?

Leap Day

I had to have a post on leap day. It would be a shame not to blog on the one day every four years where the date will say February 29th. I don't actually see what is so special about Leap Day (other than it occurs every four years). But the summer olympics occur every four years and they have gymnastics and I think that is that is far superior. So in honor of Leap Day and the future olympics to occur this summer I have included a clip from Stick It and a limerick about a frog.

There once was a froggy named Ted
Who desperately wanted to a girl, wed
So it was on Leap Day
He got on his knee to say,
But a large croak was all to be said. 

And the Stick It trailer. Watch this movie. It is highly amusing.


Blue Like Jazz: The Movie

I am really excited for the Blue Like Jazz movie to come out. I think it is going to be a fantastic work from the creative mind of Don Miller (on a side note - Don Miller is on my list of famous people I want to become best friends with).

Anyway, here is the trailer for the movie. Take a look and be impressed: