The Top Things I Learned While in the Pacific Northwest a Second Time

Here are the lessons we learned in Portland and Seattle round 2. (Check out the first trip as well).
  1. Time travel is not for everyone. 
  2. First street still comes after second street.
  3. Always bring comfortable walking shoes. 
  4. Sometimes, places really do live up to all the hype you've built.
  5. Get a hotel close to where you want to be. No one likes to travel long distances just to get to your destination. 
  6. Be friendly with the locals, it makes you feel less like a tourist.
  7. The locals usually wait to come out until night. (See previous post).
  8. Dragons have big asses and thus difficult to eat sometimes.
  9. A rainbow tastes like water.
  10. Seattle's Best doesn't make it the best coffee in Seattle. Sometimes the best coffee is the least expected places.
  11. The definition if a tater tot is: a barrel shaped potato unit.
  12. Making friends on planes is fun. It makes the trip go faster. Especially when you are stuck on the runway. 
  13. Badgers are much, much scarier than spiders are.
  14. Sometimes the random looking places are the best ones to eat at. 
  15. When in doubt, ask the server for a recommendation. They will not steer you wrong. 
  16. It is ok to get beer at wine bar. The servers will even give you props.
  17. Coasters still make great FREE souvenirs. And don't be afraid to ask for some to go. They will give them away. 
  18. Stickers make the best CHEAP souvenirs. Especially those about Sasquatch. 
  19. Sasquatch is still a big deal in the Pacific Northwest. 
  20. Guitars can be made out of old cigar boxes.
  21. It is ok to say no to a place that is too expensive. 
  22. The best Mac and Cheese is at King Solomon's Reef in Olympia, WA. I dare to you to find a better mac and cheese out there. 
  23. Do not assume because a place is not LA that traffic will not be bad at rush hour. 
  24. Hangry = hungry plus angry. Be aware of anyone while in "hangry" state for you never know what will happen. 
  25. Sometimes the best plan is to not have a plan. 



This has been the summer of traveling for sure. After going to SLO and back, up to Portland and Seattle and back home, to Santa Barbara and Riverside (and many more stops along the way), I will continue to head up North for a friends wedding.

In preparing for the road trip with my mom to Tahoe and then San Fran, I remembered that in How I Met Your Mother they drank Tantrum before every road trip.

Maybe not so much a good idea.... I will stick to the coffee.


Travels Through Instragram (Northwest Version)

Our travels in Portland and Seattle as told through Instragram photos

Getting ready for the flight out of LAX

This is a joy compared to last year: renting a car took 20 minutes. 

It was a blanket snow land. 

At Powell's bookstore. I may have a city crush on Portland. This places is a large reason why.

Keep Portland weird my friends. 

Deschutes Brewery. Mine was the far right, Green Lakes Ale.

Voo-Doo Doughnuts. 

Mount St. Helens surprise visit. 

Also took a surprise visit of the capital.

At King Solomon's Reef we learned what a tater tot was: A Barrel Shaped Potato Unit

The First Starbucks ever. 

Japonessa Sushi. AMAZING.


I guess Washington wants to be weird too.

Love Pike's Place Market finds.

The Kamikaze Dragonfly. 

Our view from our hotel.

Another Pike's Place find.

You can order Lucky Charms here for breakfast.

Maritime Brewing Flagship Ale. Beautiful.