Being an Adult

I don't want to grow up and be a real adult. Sometimes I wish I were still in college and never have to set my alarm for 6 am.

Then I remember term papers and going to bed at 2 am. I guess being an adult is not so bad.


Change in Relationships

One of the things I miss about being on a mission trip like FUI (Fresno Urban Internship) is the constant push to process and let God and others into the turmoil and whatever else is going on in your head. It is exceptionally easy to just let it slide by when you are not surrounded by community or even tough things every day.

I have been in the gross transition process that plagues many young adults upon their impending graduation dates. I have been going through this for a while, but as I begin to entire the reality of adulthood and with an actual job nearly approaching, I find that I am beginning to freak out more and more about the changing of my many relationships. I have never been one to handle change well, especially when it comes to relationships. If someone works well, I like it stay that way. So now that I am so far away from the ones that I call dear, I become more anxious.

But I am reminded of two bits of advice I learned while in FUI both years: 1) I know you're scared, don't be scared and 2) It's ok to not be in in control.


God Went to Beauty School

Sometimes, it can be difficult to express yourself so you rely on others to do it for you. That's why I like reading books and poetry. Sometimes, other people just say it better than I do.

God Went to Beauty School
by Cynthia Rylant

he went there to learn how
to give a good perm
and ended up just crazy about nails
so he opened up his own shop.
Nails by Jim He called it.
he was afraid to call it
Nails by God.
He was sure people would
think He was being
disrespectful and using
His own name in vain
and nobody would tip.
He got into nails, of course,
because He's always loved
hands - hands were some of the best things
He'd ever done
and this way He could just
hold in His
and admire those delicate things
bones just above the knuckles,
delicate as bird's wings, and after He'd done that
He could paint all the nails
any color He wanted,
then say,
and mean it.


The Top 25 Things I Learned While in the Pacific Northwest

1. Always, always follow the enthusiastic man offering you breakfast.

2. Go Sasquatch, it's your birthday.

3. The longer the line, the better the food.

4. If you want to buy a typical souvenir t-shirt, one a with a squirrel makes it look cooler.

5. Do not, under any circumstances, rely on the radio for your music needs. Buy cd's if you are desperate.

6. If you are making fun of a state's accent, don't do it front of the natives.

7. Always carry cash, because you never know when a street vendor has just what are looking for.

8. Taking dads on vacation always allows you to do more things (this can also be as substitute for carrying cash).

9. Fusion restaurants may seem weird but are really awesome!

10. Drive on the correct side of the road and beware of one-way streets.

11. Surveillance driving tactics can assist you when you are lost.

12. Read directions before using the shower.

13. When talking to your friends on speaker phone, make sure you tell them so.

14. Watch out for pigeons, they usually hold grudges.

15. 1st Street usually comes after 2nd Street.

16. All the crazies come out in the sunshine in Seattle.

17. When someone calls "Noes Goes," the last person to touch their nose makes the decision.

18. Use your watch when you wear one be aware of what time it is (ie 2:30 am vs. 10 pm).

19. Don't drink Mexican Coke unless you are prepared for an extreme sugar high.

20. Don't believe your mom if she says you have a bad sense of direction, but if you want her to believe you, don't have a good direction streak when she's not there.

21. Elevators are awesome.

22. Pedestrian walk ways are not good places to drive cars.

23. Jumping is so Portland.

24. When in doubt, choose the ice cream shop that smells the best.

25. Free coasters makes just as good a souvenir as anything else.