The Empty Apartment

FUI 2010 has arrived! Here are some of my reflections of the ongoing during this summer project in Fresno.

FUI Update #1: 

So Sarah and I caravanned to Fresno today and arrived late of course (thank you grapevine construction) but in a surprisingly cool Fresno. We started our staff orientation with a wonderful time for a retreat of silence, which was very much needed because as Sarah and I got to our new apartment, we found it completely empty. We had hoped for some furniture, but there was nothing, not even toilet paper. I don’t think I did not have that time to center on our project; I would have been in such a good mood as I am right now. We set up our beds and we have one chair, a few kitchen items, and thank God – a light in the living room (for none of the bedrooms have lights). We have another day of staff orientation before students come but we are here and safe, and surprisingly cool.

Things to pray for:
Good attitudes for those living in Stone Pine Apartments because we are starting from the ground up on apartment necessities and that we are not jealous of those living in the Pink House. That this cool weather persists because it is AMAZING and I think it keeps people more level headed. That God will really prepare the hearts of students arriving for this trip.