Transition and Growing Up

Thanksgiving Break has given me a lot more free time to think as well as to write. Two days ago I as traveled home from Fresno, I met up with a long time friend of mine that I met when I did FUI (Fresno Urban Internship) about four and a half years ago. Our lives had both drastically changed since we met. She is married with a kid on the way, I have graduated, moved out, and had a full time job.

There was a moment when we were talking when I felt so glad to be blessed by her friendship. We were talking about growing up and what life was like after college. It was great to hear her admit that when she first finished college the transition was exceptionally hard. We agreed that it was one of the worst transition periods we ever faced. No matter what we thought was so tough and challenging in high school or college it was easy compared to the transition of growing into a "real adult."

It makes sense. After spending almost 18 years of my life with the identity of a student, suddenly that has been taken away. In college you actually have very little responsibility too. When you don't do a paper or an assignment, it rarely impacts someone else (expect in the case of the group project). If you make a mistake it is usually just on you. But in the real world when you don't do your work - it impacts EVERYONE around you. Especially as a teacher. If I don't plan well, then all my students suffer. And if they don't test well, then my school suffers. It is a lot of pressure and responsibility.

It was encouraging to know that this transition period was not limited to being hard for just teachers or even just me. I knew this somewhere in my brain that everyone goes through rough transition periods (especially after finishing college) but it was comforting to hear the stories of others. So today I am thankful for the stories of others.


Teazers, Twins, and Thankfulness

I am so thankful for Fresno. Fresno is a place that will always be dear to my heart. About four and a half years ago, I first arrived in Fresno as a bright eyed 19 year old - who had no idea how this amazing city would change my life forever. I have Fresno to thank for introducing me to the reality of poverty, for providing me with two especially deep friendships, a love for Pho, and a heart for the inner city. 


Thankfulness: Day 2

Today I am thankful for music and its ability to speak through words as well as notes.

Especially thankful for the musical In the Heights that allows me to pretend I know how to dance and to belt really loudly in my car.


Thankfulness: Day One

So Thanksgiving is about a week and a half away. And I never really put much effort or emphasis into the holiday for several reasons: I don't like turkey and I really love Christmas. So once Halloween is over (which I loved as a little kid and I tolerate as an adult) I am ready to move on towards Christmas. The candy canes, the music, the lights, the fake snow (being from LA means fake snow - I doubt the real stuff even exists. Just kidding), and the feelings that come with.

But since Thanksgiving has not come and gone yet, I've decided to start from now until Thanksgiving day with one blog post about what or who I am thankful for.

Today I am thankful for that my twin Sol lets me be on the phone with her and talk about nothing. We can sit in silence on the phone or share what we are both looking up on Pintrest. It is comforting to know that phone conversations don't have to be just business or very emotional. They can be just as silly as in person.


Awesome Instead

Barney does not have the power to get better and neither did I today. Fall weather brings colds and flus. First it was my roommate and now I am suffering from the inability to stop being sick and be awesome instead. Home all day and hopefully health is in sight...



You know what is slightly annoying?

(What is slighting annoying? I am so intrigued right now) says the blog reader. 

Well since you asked, I really don't like it when you dream about something exciting, take for example, making waffles, and then find out it is only a dream. And not only is it a dream, but you don't actually have anything to make waffles with at home.