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6 Things I learned at Spring Con

1. Traveling via shore boats is so fun as a student. It's a not so fun as a staff worker. Looks fun right? Well it's a lie. Do we have all the right stuff that belongs to us? Have we left students behind? Wait where did that student go? Why is no one helping take luggage off? Will we fit on two shore boats? Exhausting.

2. Teaching by yourself is the hardest thing to do. I love my Mark I group - but 21 people all to myself felt like herding sheep. Biblical but tiring. :) Ok but they are pretty fun to be with. 

3. It takes at least 2-3 times to go through Mark before you start actually kind of understand what's going on. I still learned new things as I prepared for Mark I that I missed as a student. And even if I go through it 20 more times I'll still see more. 

4. Matching shirts are awesome. Period.

5. Have fun! It can be super stressful learning new things or teaching new things or finding out that your students have broken too many things but it's always good to have a little bit of fun while you are there.

6. But take it seriously. Times like this don't come around very often - to study scripture in community and to be away on an island. This is a big a deal.