This is the reason I have not been blogging as much lately. It is a 60-80 page paper with video clips and other insanity that I have been working on since the end of January. Seriously it takes up almost all of my free time (what little I have of it). It will be done in March so never fear - I will be back... maybe.



Dear Growling Stomach, 
I understand you are hungry but making dinner takes so much effort. Make it yourself if you can. 
Sincerely, Tired. 

Dear Tired, 
Challenge accepted. 
- Stomach. 

Dear Melissa, 
I miss you. A lot. We used to sleep together all the time, now I feel neglected. We need more time together. 
Sadly, your bed. 

Dear Bugs, 
Everytime you hit me, it's like getting gunk on my newly polished surface. I would appreciate it if you flew around the car. 
Yours truly, Windshield. 

Dear Windshield, 
Do you think we want to fly into you? You are huge compared to us and when we hit you, we ---
(from a dead bug)

Dear public school system: 
Thank you for your days off every week. I don't know how kids learn when they are in school only four days a week it seems but I do like to sleep in. 
Sincerely, a new teacher 

The dear [insert random object here] letters will be a regular occurrence throughout this blog as a way to creatively update you on my life. It's like a facebook status - but one that has creativity and purpose.


The Adventures of KP and Monte Part One

It began on a warm winter day, up in the eden called Carmel, where two friends, arrived just a tad early for a wedding ceremony.

They went exploring, jumping, and singing around the church as they waited patiently.

I was trying to to look inconspicuous. I don't think it worked. 

Melissa: protector of The Spot. Eater of the Ice Cream. Awesome. 

What happens next? Stay tuned to find out.... 


Student Teaching Reflections Week 2

So this is long overdue but here are my reflections from second week of student teaching.

My two classes are the polar opposite of each other. In the first block, my sophomores work hard to distract me, get me off topic, and enjoy having side conversations and any give moment. They are hard to keep focused and sometimes drive me up a wall. I got to my second block, my freshman, I have to pull teeth to get them to say anything. And even when they do speak, they do it so quietly that I have to ask them several times to speak up!

I learned a valuable lesson about communication this week. One of CT’s and I were on separate pages this week. He was under the impression that I would start lead teaching in the middle of the week but I was just going to teach the class under his lesson plan. When we realized that there wasn’t really a lesson plan prepared we had to scramble to get things done. It was the most uncomfortable feeling ever. I don’t like feeling unprepared at all.

It's not as detailed as week one, probably because this is two weeks overdue and I am having a hard time remembering what happened during that week. More updates coming soon.