This isn't going to sound artsy or cool but imagine a little kid jumping around her room and screaming "I got a job! I got a job! I got a job!" over and over again so that her parents come in and tell her to keep it down.

Ok that didn't really happen but it's what my soul feels like. But it is quickly replaced with a sense of relief that I will be employed next year (as an English teacher - it's a miracle). I will be working at a middle school in San Bernardino (middle school being my first choice).

Now I'm filled with a slight sense of panic when I realize how much I have to do before school starts in a month.... bah!


I'm Going to Open an Umbrella in My Pants

A Found Poem (from the book The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford)

I'm Going to Open an Umbrella in My Pants

Didn't understand the words
Because I am Chinese
Trying to speak English. 
Quoted some profound Western philosophy
But I didn't understand the words. 
Breakfast of sticky rice, pork, and mushrooms. 
Chinese vs. English.
Jou San
Stern look on Father's face. 
Good morning
All because of scholarshipping
So I'm going to open an umbrella in my pants. 
But my mother knew
Even if she didn't understand the words.