30 Days of Gratitude Week 4

30 Days of Gratitude Week 4 (plus two)

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Day 22: Grateful for painted skies and silhouettes. 

Day 23: Grateful for tea, chocolate milk, chili, watching movies and staying warm on cold nights.

Day 24: Grateful for this amazing InterVarsity community - for students who seek after Jesus, the family we've built together, the tough questions we ask, the risks we take together, and the love we share. Love you all dearly. 

Day 25: Grateful for peaceful mornings and spiritual direction. Much needed space with Jesus in the midst of heavy emotions.

Day 26: Grateful for my dad and the chance to celebrate his birthday.

Day 27: Grateful for family, food, and friendship. Happy Thanksgiving! 

Day 28: Grateful for my second home full of people I love. 

Day 29: Grateful to support many local businesses, meet lots o new people, and just walk around a quiet town with my best friend.

Day 30: Grateful for donuts. Enough said. 


30 Days of Gratitude Week 3

30 Days of Gratitude Week 3

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Day 15: Grateful for books - for the stories they tell, the places they take me to, and the characters I meet. 

Day 16: Grateful for pizza, beer, movies, and a day of rest with Jenel and Coral.

Day 17: Grateful for wonderful Southern Californian fall weather where it doesn't snow but is finally starting to cool down. 

Day 18: Grateful for God's work at CSUN - not only this semester but in the past two years I've been here to witness it and for the years still to come.

Day 19: Grateful for seats at Starbucks, friendly baristas, and delicious croissants in my pseudo office. 

Day 20: Grateful for role models such as Molly Ramos who is teaching me about intercession, perseverance, and faith. Grateful also to bring new students with me to hear her speak at CSULB. 

Day 21: Grateful for the amazing family group I got to know at ONS 14. I am blessed by your friendship, wisdom, and partnership in mission. I wish we didn't live all over the country. 


30 Days of Gratitude: Week 2

30 Days of Gratitude Week 2.

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Day 8: Grateful for randomly running into old friends, catching up, and amazing hugs.

Day 9: Grateful for the 2 1/2 years I've spend living in LA. I've learned so much about who I am and what Jesus has for me. Grateful for another several years here to keep pressing into Jesus' work in LA, the Valley, and at CSUN.

Day 10: Grateful to still be able to pray together and seek jesus on campus admit campus access issues.

Day 11: Grateful for cloudy days, warm clothes, sweaters, and deep conversations. 

Day 12: Grateful for bible study hangouts, food, laughter, and Buddy the Elf. What's your favorite color? 

Day 13: Grateful for posed photos, pizza, and poetry. Had an amazing time bonding with our IV and Hope Fellowship joint bible study. 

Day 14: Grateful for mi familia of LaFe staff and students from all over Los Angeles worshipping together. 


30 Days of Gratitude: Week 1

30 Days of Gratitude: Week 1

Day 1: Grateful for beer tasting, friend, and adventures with Jaclyn and Amanda.

Day 2: Grateful for beautiful skies, cooler weather, and restful Sundays. 

Day 3: Grateful for InterVarsity and the transformation it has brought in my life through conferences like Urbana. Grateful for my IV staff who challenged me and encouraged me over theirs  - who taught me how to see Jesus for he truly was. 

Day 4: Grateful for fall days, runnings, and new shoes.

Day 5: Grateful for these women and their impact on my life over the past years. I believe you were all divinely appointed friendships. Each of you have greatly influenced my life with your encouragement, your challenge, your laughter, and your friendships. My life is better off for having you four in it. 

Day 6: Grateful to be able to study scripture with some amazing students. Also getting to see our new apprentices take new leadership risks to lead our community groups this week.

Day 7: Grateful for bottomless root beer floats, writing friendships, and old lady conversations with Katie Miller. 


30 Days of Gratitude

One of the things I like about November is taking the month to give thanks. So here are back to 30 Days of Gratitude. I've done this for the past two years, in in 2012 and 2013. During the past two years, I've grown in the practice of gratitude just by spending a month giving it my focus. Some days it's easy where I can find hundreds of things to be thankful for. Some days its hard where it feels I'm searching for something I'm grateful for. But the practice of doing it every day no matter how exciting or mundane important.

At the end of each week I'll post the pictures of what I'm grateful for each day (since I'm connecting it with #montephotoyear).